Frequently Asked Questions

How does MedLogic work?

MedLogic partners with physician practices to help patients obtain the monies they are likely owed from legal settlements for defective drugs and medical devices or environmental contamination. We work directly with providers, based on de-identified medical histories contained in our data platform. Thanks to more than half-a-trillion data points, identifying eligible candidates for compensation takes minutes instead of months. By partnering with trusted physicians, MedLogic allows doctors to reach out to these patients and let them know they may be eligible for compensation. A patient receives a personal communication from their doctor, then decides whether he or she wishes to pursue a claim. 

Is MedLogic HIPAA compliant?
Yes, MedLogic is 100% HIPAA compliant. All of the information in our MedLogic database is de-identified to ensure patient privacy. Your practice receives the information necessary to make record retrieval quick and easy. Patient identity, medical information and personal information remain private, secure and protected throughout our process.
Do physicians have to pay for MedLogic services?

There is never any cost to you as a physician or to your practice when you partner with MedLogic to advocate on behalf of your patients.

Do patients have to pay for MedLogic services?

Patients have no out-of-pocket expenses for MedLogic services. We only get paid when patients get paid.

Are physicians or patients at risk of legal action?
No. Because we carefully pre-qualify patients to determine their eligibility, only those with legitimate medical issues are identified and informed of their potential claim. These pre-qualified individuals then make an informed decision as to whether or not they wish to pursue a claim. Patients who have been pre-qualified to pursue legitimate claims are not at risk of legal action. Nor are physicians who partner with MedLogic to identify likely patient candidates based on legitimate medical information.
Do patients have to go to court?

No. Our legal team represents your patients every step of the way, and they are not required to go to court.

These are the most commonly asked questions from physicians about the services provided by MedLogic. Please let us know if you have any other questions!