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We have built a team of highly qualified industry veterans who have the skills, knowledge and experience to provide you with the resources you need. Working together, we can change the lives of your patients and their families for the better. Reach out today.

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Meet The Team

MedLogic is a consortium of medical professionals, data scientists, and developers who are bringing the power of analytics and law to the mass tort industry. MedLogic works directly with payers and providers to reach out to eligible patients based upon their medical histories.

Dr. Harry Jacobson

Founder, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Harry Jacobson is a physician, investor and entrepreneur. During his remarkable career, he has founded several successful healthcare companies and served as Vice Chancellor of Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Ray Capp

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

An experienced investor and entrepreneur, Ray Capp has over 25 years of executive leadership experience in a variety of industries, including publishing, product development, distribution, technology and entertainment.

Andrew Jacobson

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Jacobson is a skilled entrepreneur with experience in business analysis, business development and internal systems and operations.